These polo boots were worn once and returned, because they did not fit perfectly.
We present boots with details as follows: Boot# - Color - Leather - Style.
of your foot from back heel to tip of big toe (bottom sole of boot is 1" longer than your foot),
Height of boot from bottom of your foot to inner inside top of boot (inside height of boot),
Circumference of calf (the size around the thickest part of your calf).
Boots shipped "as is" - Cost US$200 + Airmail Shipping US$70.
Boots are returnable for a full refund of US$200.
Read the details and enter Boot# in the Paypal Order on DISCOUNT POLO BOOTS section of


Boot# 008 - Brown - Cow - Mexican Style
Length of Foot - 8"
Circumference of Calf - 13"
Inside height of Boot - 14.5"
Boot# 009 - Tan - Cow - French Style
Length of Foot - 9"
Circumference of Calf - 13"
Inside height of Boot - 18.5"
Boot# 010 - Tan - Buffalo - Argentina Style
Length of Foot - 8.5"
Circumference of Calf - 13.5"
Inside height of Boot - 16"
Initials: KJK on the top zip flap
This boot is made with Tan Buffalo -- click here to see what the Tan Buffalo Leather looks like.
Jodhpurs# 011
Color - Khaki
Waist - 30"
Length to Ankle - 41"
Waist to Knee - 26"
Around Knee - 16"
Around Calf - 15"
Price - us$50 (shipping free)
These were made for a customer who changed the color -- click here to view Jodhpurs