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We would like to supply you with a list of other Polo Equipment suppliers. If you know of other companies which provide good equipment, please let us know, so that we can add them to this list. Our objective is for the polo player to find the best equipment and the best prices. Enjoy your polo. Please email us with any suggestions.
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Australia - New Zealand


www.lamartina.com www.pologearusa.com www.countrypolo.com.au  www.tallyhopolo.com
www.laspampaspolo.com www.texaspolo.com www.kiwipolo.co.nz  www.polobarn.com

Other Polo Links

Horse Anatomy Chart
Horse Color Chart
Horse Points
Polo Pony Training - excellent webpage on basic techniques and information for schooling the polo pony. Polo Forum - An electronic bulletin board for leaving messages or finding polo workers.
Polo Tips - useful tips to improve your polo. PoloCenter - reference webpage for various polo clubs and polo suppliers. Mechanical Polo Pony - for practicing.

Polo Schools

Argentina USA Australia - New Zealand Europe
  Rege Ludwig Polo Clinic www.polo-nz.co.nz  
  Potomac Polo School    

NEW ZEALAND: www.polo-nz.co.nz  - The purpose built polo school has extensive features, including full size polo playing field, riding arena, fantastic New Zealand bred polo ponies, round pen, nice stables and modern accommodation for gap year students. The polo school operates year round, however the competitive polo season runs during the New Zealand summer, (which I believe will coincide with your winter), the first day of Spring officially starts on the 1st September in New Zealand and summer finishes in March.