It is very good practice to construct a "wooden horse" for practicing your swing. You can put this in cage, so that your balls stay near the horse, or you can use this on the edge of the polo field to practice your distance and accuracy with a bucket of balls. The more time you take to analyze your swing and to practice the basics, the better you will be on the horse. The wooden horse is a must for beginners. Here we have one version of a wooden horse made from a 55 gallon drum (squeezed at one end). The dimensions are below.


Leg steel dimensions: 1.5" x 3"
Height of legs: 38"
Base plate dimensions: 8" square
Spread of legs on ground: 24"
Width of front opening of drum: 17.5"
Height of front opening of drum: 27"
Height from ground to leg cross support: 16"
Distance from front of drum to beginning of withers tube: 2"
Height of withers tube: 2"
Length of withers tube: 15"
Note: Withers Tube keeps saddle centered and from slipping.
Note: The top line of the drum should be parallel to the ground.
This Steel Drum construction "Wooden Horse" is designed to be used with a saddle.