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Canchi AndradaPAISANO POLO CLUB is owned by the Andrada family. Their grandfather Manuel Andrada - "El Paisano" - was one of Argentina's most famous and colorful polo players. A paisano is a gaucho who lives in the pampa and works with the horse. At first, Paisano Andrada was not allowed to play polo; his job was to train horses for the owners of the Curulaman Estancia in Coronel Suarez. Then one day, they needed a player, so he was allowed on the field with no stick and told to "just take the man." The first time they gave him a stick, he scored 12 goals. In 6 years, he went from from 0 to 9 goals in Argentina (and 10 goals in the rest of the world). He won the Argentine Open 6 times on 6 different teams. He was on the winning Argentine Polo team in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, and at age 64, he was still playing off 4 goals.

Today, Canchi Andrada and his family continue the tradition of polo inherited from Canchi's father, Funchi Andrada, who played professionally in Chile, Colombia, Spain and England, and they have created a very friendly polo club in the heart of Argentina. Canchi's sons Juan and Agustin are very involved with polo. Juan is an equine veterinarian and teaches polo at their club everyday. Agustin is actively playing in tournaments across Argentina. The Andrada family is also very involved in buying and selling polo horses.

Central Argentina is where horses are bred and raised. From here, the good ones go to Buenos Aires and around the world to play polo. The advantage of coming to Central Argentina is that you will be visiting the Horse Factory where polo horses are made. You will also experience the warmth and friendliness of Argentine people in the country. 

Paisano Polo Club welcomes you come and play polo. Come to learn, or bring your family. We can arrange 2 day trips into the mountains near Merlo or trips to see the Argentine Open at Palermo. If you are coming to learn and improve your polo, you will be working with Juan, Agustin, Nicolas or Canchi. You will be riding two horses in the morning from 10-12 and playing 4 chukkas in the afternoons. On the weekends, we can organize 2 day tournaments with our famous Argentine Asados after polo. We have a clubhouse and a swimming pool right next to our polo field. Our season is Spring (Oct, Nov, Dec) and Fall (Feb, Mar, Apr, May). We look forward to hearing from you -- Canchi Andrada.


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Juan Andrada giving lessonsIf you are coming to Argentina to buy Polo Horses, then it will be our pleasure to help you. We can arrange horses for you to try and you can get to know them by playing with them in some tournaments at our club, so that you can be very comfortable and confident that it is the right horse for you. Paisano Polo Club is right outside the town of Rio Cuarto, so there is an active night life with many University students and plenty of places for shopping. If you are interested in looking at some horses to buy, please copy and fill out this form in an email to us -- Horse Factory Form -- and we will have an idea of what horses to prepare for you -- Email Paisano Polo Club


Here we list some prices for you to plan for your trip to Argentina. Food and hotels in Rio Cuarto are very reasonable. You can rent a car (US$100 per day) or take a taxi from town to the polo club (US$7).  In addition, we can take you to various shops in town for you to buy polo sticks, boots, saddles, bombachas and practically anything polo related that you can think of. We have a La Martina shop in town and various fine leather shops with Argentine belts and Gaucho gear. You can also take Tango lessons in Rio Cuarto if that interests you. We can also arrange for you to play tournaments in Cordoba, Concoran, Villa Dolores and many other small towns. It will be our honor to welcome you to Argentina and to share with you some of the proud history of polo in our family and in our country. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We look forward to meeting you.

-- Canchi, Juan and Agustin Andrada.



US$50 - Practice (per chukka) (x4 chukkas)
US$25 - Morning Lessons (2 horses per lesson)
US$100 - Tournament (per chukka) (x8 chukkas)
US$30 - Asado Dinner (per person)
US$100 - Palermo Open Ticket
US$200 - Flight Buenos Aires to Cordoba
US$200 - Gaucho to accompany you to Palermo

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